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Forces Of Nature, Forces From You

In life, there are two types of forces: Forces of nature, and forces from you. The forces of nature are from existence, or God themselves. But the forces from you are controlled by us, not from us. We have books and books of observations of the forces from God or existence, so I will write about the forces you and I control. Of course nature creates it all, that is why this article is forces of nature and forces from you.

Why You Attract What You Are

Until you realize that you attract what you are and not what you want, things will not change. You want some extraordinary things to happen in your life, yet something limits them from actually happening. The barrier seems beyond your reach, but it is actually the way in which you see yourself.

The Secret to Being Attractive

Do you have to be the smartest, the youngest, the fittest and the most beautiful one to stand out and do well in life? No, you certainly don’t. But you sure need to be confident. Read on to find out why.

Accomplish Your Desires and Objectives After Viewing Yourself Starring in a Future Movie

We have desires and goals many areas of our lives in health, business, finances, relationships, spiritual, giving, or other. Presented are steps based on visualization.

To Be an Alpha Male or Not to Be: Part 1

We hear the terms all the time, “alpha male” and “beta male” yet has anyone actually looked deeper to their usage and meanings? What does it mean to be an alpha and who then are the beta males? Strap yourself to your seat for you are about to engage in a very crazy ride down the rabbit hole world of the modern dating pool.

Are You Sexy?

Are you sexy, hot, the cat’s meow, all that, and a bag of chips? It’s a lot – and you might think it’s a crazy thing to think about. Whatever this question triggers, I want you to think about it and let it massage your mind. Then answer the question honestly. Do you think you’re sexy? And, who do you think you are? These questions are meant to be taken in a positive way without judgement and tone. What I mean is, who am I speaking to? Who are you intuitively? Do you have the confidence to say you’re sexy proudly? Is who you are so clear you don’t have to say anything? If you’re confident about your sexuality, it’ll be clear to everyone and it will get reverberated back at you in your world.

Law of Attraction & Turning Thoughts Into Things

Have you ever wondered about the Law Of Attraction and if it really works? Would you like to know how to apply it and try it out for yourself?

Picture What You Want In Your Mind

For nearly anything in life, you need to picture what you want in your mind first while taking the necessary steps to create it into your reality. It is not enough to just imagine the things you desire, sit on a couch and eat a sandwich. Dreams never literally take physical form unless you put in the work.

An Explanation of “What Comes Around, Goes Around” Really Means

Are you intrigued by the title? Do you know what it relates? For an understanding in depth, look inside.

The Law Of Attraction And Its Power

You have undoubtedly heard or met what is called the law of attraction and its power that has the tendency to bring forth what you deeply believe in. Then, if it works so well, why is not everyone who follows, attends seminars or read books about it wealthy and successful, and most of all happy?

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