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Let Go And Something Better Will Come, I Am Following My Own Advice

Recently, I faced a crisis that does not seem so logically bad. The crisis was losing one of my portable digital players. Sure, attachment seems like a great thing while it is happening. When you lose something, especially something valuable, but indeed, replaceable. It is rather painful at the moment it happens.

The Forces That Shape Us In Reality

Okay, we think that we are in control, we think that we are thinking our own thoughts and taking our own actions. Yet, like a tree or plant, our seeds are planted deep in our early reality. Start by thinking about that fact for a moment.

Keep Your Wits!

Opportunity can come in the form of a problem, and really come in the form of a seemingly bad problem. So, I can only humbly give this advice: Keep your wits.

Never Quit, Persistence Is The Way

Persistence attracts opportunity, with those three words, I begin this article. Sure, when you are exasperated, early quitting always sounds good, especially when it all gets “bloody” or hard.

The Deal, And I Do Not Mean Poker Playing Cards, I Mean Life Itself

Life is a wild card or a “joker card” at best. What I mean is, the greatest opportunities come as seemingly valueless “wild cards” of opportunity that look like work, but really are great opportunities in the finest disguises.

The Training

Preparation is the Mother of skill. Understanding is the Father of skill. We all love to win, but who loves to train? With all of the variations of those quotes I have used over the years so many times, and in so many ways. I still act and genuinely feel that my own advice is fresh meat I am biting on as if it is new meat freshly killed for survival. Indeed, I am like a rabid wolf chomping on reality when it comes to what counts.

The Law Of Attraction – Is This The Whole Story?

You may well have heard of the Law of Attraction, a concept that infers that like attracts like. But what does this mean? For me, it means that if you wholeheartedly want something (and you do something about manifesting it) chances are that you’ll get it. But does the concept really work?

How Our Blindspots May Be Creating Diseases For Us

What are psychological blindspots? They are parts of us on the mental and emotional levels that we are not able to see or we are not aware.

Not A Question: Being, Doing, Then Having, Not, To Be Or Not To Be?

We must be what we want to be, before we really have what we want to have in life as well as do what we want to do during all that. That is how I begin this spectacle of an article, with that dramatic a realistic statement.

When Is It EVER Going To Happen?

What can you do when you’re stuck in a holding pattern that just won’t break free? There’s something that you desire. Perhaps you’ve desired it for a very long time. But it STILL hasn’t shown up and you’re asking yourself, “Is it EVER going to happen???”

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