THIS Turns You Into a Manifesting MAGNET ​| Law of Attraction

Message From the Universe: A Life Not Like ANY Other Life!

You will attract the life that you predict or think of. This is where you control the outcome, based on how you create your own thoughts and followed by actions and belief. Stay away from this negativity and focus on how you can make the best of what you already have. Challenges will be there, but you are not the ONLY one living a life filled with challenges. Time is in your hand, make the best out of it.

Be Vigilant and Observant in What and Who You Attract

***Be the biggest consultant to yourself, before you allow the advice, input or opinion of anyone else to penetrate your heart. People, other than yourself, need to appreciate you and offer words of respect and encouragement. If they have self-value, they will readily give and acknowledge the -value of others. There are a lot of deceptive people that prey on the benevolent nature of people that they meet. They may seek to attain your place in society by theft, exploitation, or by their mere mental instability,aggrandizement, personality disorder or clinical insanity. Just because somebody can afford to pay for their forum does not mean that they are legit and operate with a legitimate business sense.

Abundance Will Advance Your Ability to Give – Donating Time, Talent or Energy in Abundance by Giving

Abundance is a dance that will advance your ability to give- Donate your time,talent or energy and reap More abundance by giving! If you do or use the RECIPROCAL principle effect of abundance, you probably won’t want to reap or receive what you get. It’s coming back to you anyway, so do the best most abundantly positive things that you can accomplish everyday and watch the world around you change!

What Is the Law of Attraction?

There is no definitive answer to this unseen power but the law of attraction has been attributed to many thoughts such as an ancient philosophy, karma, or more specifically, an omnipotent universal force. Some sources liken it to gravity or lets just say it simply exists.

Think Your Way to a Better Life

Our thoughts influence our lives radically, everything whether good or bad begins as a thought. Learn how to think positively and correctly in order to get the life you want.

Message From the Universe: Human Relationships at Its Best

There is approximately 7.1 billion humans living on planet Earth and we all possess a different energy signature that can either attract or repulse others. In some cases, this energy can be created by physical or emotional attraction, which can either last a week or a lifetime. Many can be attracted to one specific energy signature but this attraction is short lived. As we grow older, what we were attracted prior time in our lives can be different to how we live our lives now. WE are a total different person to who we were 10 years ago. It is important to understand the changes we go through in life and because of that, embracing these changes is what makes who we are today. Be proud of them.

Beliefs Are What Lead to Achievements – LOA – Believe It and It Is Done!

**Time is a valuable commodity. It should be better utilized for manifesting new or higher ways of getting purposeful information into your energy field. Manifesting energy works in concert with what you feel that you deserve. The Law of Attraction is very basic and simple: Believe that you deserve it- See yourself having or doing it: Know that you are loved as much, in the same measure as the love that you give out!~

Are You Conscious of Your Subconscious Mind?

You have probably heard about the subconscious mind and how powerful it is. Many of the coaches, speakers and writers who work within the field of personal development refer to theories and assumptions about the subconscious mind and how much it impacts our daily lives. A common assumption is that the subconscious mind runs up to 95% (some people say even 97%) of our lives.

Act Like Who or What You Want to Attract – Achieve the Outcome of Your Dreams – The LOA

***Vibration is simply a feeling, you set in motion daily. A vibration or a paradigm is an intention or an invitation that you energize daily to match your desired experience or outcome! Have you ever thought about a person and then they call you? Guess what? You are setting the feeling in motion to have communication with the person that you want to speak to and many times, they will call you soon or they will feel a need to talk to you as well! That my friend was a vibration that set an intention into the universe. Act like you already won, or already have what you are wanting! Be assured in knowing that your emotional energy shift has power to uplift your energy, thus impacting the outcome of your circumstances. Your ability to alter or change anything relies on how you feel about it! Act like you already have it! Daily motion attracts life circumstances…

Attraction Is the Result of Planning and Action, Achieved in Passion – Fashion Your Passion Daily

***Planning and planting seeds, in our daily habits and accomplishments will grow future outcomes of desired success. IN remarkable passion, fashion your actions daily- climb the steps of ascension go where your heart feels the most liberating peace and happiness will surely follow you… Attraction is a concept that can be applied to most anything you want to bring back into your field of energy. The energy you release into the universe has a mirror-effect- Do you like what you see?~

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