Secret Manifestation Number Revealed | The FASTEST Manifesting Technique I’ve Ever Experienced

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This technique may sound crazy, but I couldn’t believe how quickly it worked. So of course I have to share it with you. You can think of this technique, almost like a law of attraction secret code, and it works every single time. I think in video games, they call them cheat codes or something. So this is your law of attraction, cheat code.

I hope I use that reference, right? Let me know if I did, but if you were looking to manifest something and want the best formula to do it, then stay tuned because this will blow your mind.


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So once you do that, let’s get into it. So this technique that I’m about to share with you is there are no words. The first time I started doing this the very next day, something huge manifested for me. I could honestly make a whole other video about exactly what happened and what manifested, but I don’t want to make this video go on too long.

So if you want me to make that video, let me know, but I kid you not. I was shocked and I’m not shocked easily. This exercise is powerful and quick. And to be honest, I think it works so quickly because it uses several operating systems within your body at the same time, tapping fully into that mind body connection. So here’s exactly how it works and what to do.

I like to think of manifesting as a full mind, body spirit, soul interactive experience. It is never, ever, ever just surface level. And I think understanding that will truly help you manifest so much more quickly. So many people rely just on the surface level things, maybe saying a few affirmations without connecting to it emotionally or believing them or writing or journaling or scripting, and then going right back into normal thought patterns.


That’s all surface level.

But the deeper level work is where the magic is. You don’t do or say something one time and everything just shifts. It’s the saying, or doing something and then committing to it deeply and internally that creates the shift. So don’t do this technique and go right back into the ways that you were thinking and being before commit to the internal shift that happens. So this technique uses a series of four and it happens very quickly.

So listen up. And the reason behind the number four is because in numerology, the number four really signifies discipline and stability.


This will really give you a strong approach for what you’re manifesting. And on a side note, the number four is pretty magical in general, and it’s really a sacred number four represents the four elements, earth, air fire water. There’s four seasons.

There’s four phases of the moon. There’s four directions on a compass. I could go on and on and on and on about how the number four is deeply ingrained and connected to the universe. But keep that in mind when manifesting that this is a great number to begin from.


So for this exercise, you’re going to do four quick steps and repeat it four times four steps repeated four times the magical pattern of four.

So let’s get into the first step, begin by choosing one thing that you were going to use this technique to manifest. So just choose one thing at a time for this exercise. And if you want to repeat this exercise for the next thing and the next thing, and the next thing feel free to come back rewatch this video, and you can do the exercise again, but for now choose one thing to use in this exercise. And once you have that thing that you want to manifest, step one is to write down in present tense, this sentence I am, or I have blank insert the thing they’re trying to manifest I am, or I have, and then just insert what it is that you’re manifesting, but do it in the form of you already having it, not asking for it, not talking about it in future tense, write it in present tense in the form of I am or I have.


So if you’re manifesting something like a new car, you would write, I have blank car in my driveway.

I added the in my driveway, but customize it to yourself. If you’re manifesting a certain amount of money, I have blank thousand dollars in my account. Just make it simple. Write it down in present tense. Don’t overthink it.

And then in step two, you’re going to look at what you just wrote down and say it out loud, whatever you just wrote down. Say it, but say it with conviction, say it with connection. Say it with meaning where it feels real to you. It shouldn’t sound like something you’re asking for. It should sound like something you already have and it’s obvious.


And then once you say it out loud and yes, you have to say it out loud.


You can’t say it in your head. Step three is to feel it you’ve already written it. You’ve already said it with connection in step two. So now feel the feelings of having it.

How does it feel that this is yours? What feelings does it bring up within you? How does it feel? Explore that feeling of what it means to you, but keep it simple. Imagine that someone just came up to you and gave you the exact thing that you wanted.

And the moment you said it, how exciting or how freeing or how grateful do you feel? Just feel it, feel it, feel it, but you don’t need to sit in this state for a long period of time. Just allow the feeling to come up and don’t try and grip on or force it, let it peak, feel the moment, and then let it go.


Which brings you into step four. Step four is two, three that, and you might be sitting there thinking, what are you talking about?

This is where I mentioned. It might sound crazy that when I say breathe it, I mean, taking a really big, deep breath in, and this experience or a thing that you want into your body, you are literally breathing in the energy of what you just wrote said and felt. Think of it almost as if in the first three steps they created the sort of cloud right in front of you. And in step four, you’re going to breathe this cloud into your body, into your being. You are bringing this thing or experience into your physical body.

And as you take in this big deep breath really feel this experience where thing becoming part of you fully embodying what you want on a physical level. And this deep breath should feel really, really, really good. And you’re free to do what you want on the exhale.


You can let out an audible sigh of relief. You can take a nice, slow exhale, breathe out in whatever way feels best for you.

This is just one deep breath in and one exhale. And once you exhale, you’re going to repeat this process again. Three more times, write it, say it, feel it, breathe it, write it, say it, feel it, breathe it into your physical body. You do these four steps, four times. Write it, say it, feel it, breathe it, write it, say it, feel it, breathe it, write it, say it, feel it, breathe it, write it, say it, feel it, breathe.

It done. You are combining so many different cues between your brain, your body, your central nervous system, your emotions, writing it, saying it, feeling it, breathing.


It, it really gets your mind and your body and all of your synapses firing at the same time. And in turn, it creates some really powerful results. I truly cannot wait for you to try this out.

I really do care about your results and I make these videos for you to make manifesting more accessible in a way that actually works. There is just so much information out there and it’s easy to get overwhelmed, but here on my channel, you will always find original ideas that work.


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