How to Manifest Wealth FAST | Manifestation Technique

The first thing that I told you is change the inner and the outer will change by itself. Now, we are putting our energy to change the outer. Thats the problem. Its very difficult to change the outer. You can only change the inner.

Why? Because assuming that you want to make a fifty thousand dollars and you just are trying to think about outer means. Its difficult because you know who is going to give you fifty thousand dollars and you want it by this time and you think about there is no way that you make this fifty thousand dollars because your outer is based on logic. But if you go to the inner, it is possible.

Miracles will happen and if you dont want miracles, then you can depend on the outer.

The yogi whenever he wants to write something, whenever he wants he would put the sound Ooh because that is Divine creative energy and if we spend two hours, three hours accessing this divine energy then you will see all the doors will open. You know, you are now thinking, there is only one door here but there are many, many doors. Every minute there is an opportunity which we dont see because we dont have that ability to see it because we are only depending on the logical reality. Thats why all these techniques, when the Sushumna goes, all these things will open up innumerable doors. How can you really expect any results when you are constantly involved in wasting your time watching Britney Spears or Michael Jacksons case or you know, watching a soap opera.

Thats not a priority. Thats an entertainment. Thats why I tell people, you can gossip at the most one hour a day, you can gossip, but dont gossip more than one hour but then if you want to badmark anyone, maybe twenty minutes of badmarking.

But dont spend the whole day badmarking someone because its not going to do any good to you. Its my intention that might help you to make money.

You know, if you read my book, the book was dedicated to, do you have the book here? My prosperity enlightenment book. It was dedicated with tears to the hungry millions who come to this earth plane and die without food and drink. As I speak now, someone is dying in China, India, Bhutan because there is no food. So my being here on this earth plane is to put money in the hands of people like you.

I know you have a heart. I know personally many billionaires, multi millionaires and who want to have more money and they become more unconscious. They dont even realise that they cannot spend the money that they have in this lifetime. They dont care about someone dying, who want food or want, they are not civilised at all. We cannot call ourselves civilised.

My being here on this earth plane is to empower the spiritual people who have a heart, to put money in their hands, so that they can create a new world because they know that money doesnt matter. Its only a tool. Thats why I am so committed to bring money in your hands and I know I can do it. I do two things. One, dont do a purposeless meditation.

Meditation is always for a purpose. Prayer is always for a purpose. Meditation is very powerful than a prayer because prayer doesnt go deep into your emotions into the causal world and then the connections between the thought energy and the physical energy.

Its done only through meditation, so meditation is very important. During the break someone came to me and said, There are some real problems.

I am 60 years old and I have a few debts and I have so many bills pending. So what are you going to say? I am not going to say anything new, except one thing and that is every moment is new. You are talking about an old problem. That problem is not going to exist if you dont give permission for this problem.

I have many, many people facing either death due to debts or in the court facing jail term. These are very real situations in life. They have reversed it. You can reverse any situation in life, in any moment.

If only one thing that I dont want you to focus is dont focus on the odds.

Dont focus on the odds like I am old, I have no skills. But then you come and say, these are real, these are real, and these are real. But I am saying, these are unreal, these are unreal, these are unreal. These are not real to me.

Nothing bad is real.

I want to believe as real. I dont want to make it into a real issue. This is not real. The mind will come again and again and make you to believe it is real. It is real.

I understand. If you want to buy a car or anything that you want to manifest, you have to at least say that 108 times. Only then you make a small dent. If you say, Yeah. I want 50 thousand dollars, and if you say once, the mind will not, the soul will not register the thought.

I want 50 thousand dollars I want 50 thousand dollars I want 50 thousand dollars I want 50 thousand dollars I want 50 thousand dollars I want 50 thousand dollars I want 50 thousand dollars I want 50 thousand dollars I want 50 thousand dollars I want 50 thousand dollars I want 50 thousand dollars I want 50 thousand dollars I want 50 thousand dollars I want 50 thousand dollars I want 50 thousand dollars I want 50 thousand dollars You will create a hypnotic effect. I said only 10 or 15 times. You see the hypnotic effect it creates and by the time it counts to 108times bang one push, then you will come again I want 50 thousand dollars another bang.

If you say 1008times, then it really goes to you. Thats how it works.

But instead of doing that, you can just worry about your problems of your age, I cant do this. You know, we know that. Thats what we have been doing all along. There are one million things to worry about. Every time you worry about all your odds, you are going to reinforce them.

This is unreal. This is unreal. This is unreal..

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