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Message From the Universe: The Theory of Everything

Every action you take in life correspond to the practical portion of your mind that created the thoughts from the get go. You think of something to do, and most of the time, your mind will process the viability of its success and will act upon it. You have no guarantee if it will work or not, you just go for it and that’s that. Same goes for everything else in life. If you want something to happen, put in the thought first, see what can be done to make that thought a reality, Theories stays this way ONLY when the science can’t be observed or analyzed. Your life can.

How to Create Your Best Year Ever

Personally, I’ve never been much of a “New Year’s Resolution” person. Rather than setting goals, I prefer to set intentions. And my intention for the coming New Year is to create my best year ever!

Take Action to Gain the Attraction of People, Places or Events That You Seek – Like Attracts LIKE

***Attraction, like gravity requires intention, action, purging, planning and of course, you will always be expected to learn by /or from who, or what you are wanting to attract to you or your energy.. Did you know that everything in your current life was attracted by your own efforts? Like Attracts what is similar to- or like itself. In order to gain anything new, you must release something old that is clogging up your view or simply eating away at your effort and energy. ~

Message From the Universe: May All Your Dreams Come True

As long as you can dreams, things can happen. So might as well make these dreams as big as they can be so you can start creating big things in your life. Stop doubting yourself when it comes to what you deserve, and how much you worked to make things happen. If you feel you did everything you can and invested all your time and energy into something you truly believe in, then you do deserve greatness. Never feel ashamed or guilty for your luck and prosperity as some will make you feel this way. Ignore and enjoy your newfound wealth and freedom.

All About Mohawks

Be yourself always. Be comfortable with your look. Not only the clothing you wear but also your hairstyle. It should portray confidence and be as unique as you are.

Are Men’s Tastes In Female Body Types Changing?

Well, I guess Southern CA is a big place and thus, there are different body styles for different tastes. We also have a huge Hispanic influence, Asian contingency too. People are on average better looking in Southern CA perhaps due to expectations, perceptions, and natural selection for looks + Hollywood, and good weather allowing people to be a fit as they care to work to get. But still, as I have traveled around the country I’ve seen the increase in waist size here and everywhere and it has gotten worse over the last couple of decades – it’s the processed food, and what is that funny song; “Nobody Walks In LA!”

Emotional Availability

Emotional availability is being conscious of our feelings (the practice of emotional awareness) in the moment, and relating to others compassionately from the inside out. Compassion is a culmination of love, empathy, and detachment. First and foremost, we take care of our self…

Capitulate Your Senses, Begin by Changing or Fine-Tuning Something That Is Perceived Daily

*** Decide to use your sense of sight wisely. Begin by watching and engaging your visions and dreams with what gives you visual pleasure and in great measure, learn more about nature, philosophy, music or fine art. Treasure your ability to enjoy engaging life by what you allow to unfold before you. Enjoy listening to great musical instruments watched and played live; or enjoy and appreciate listening to music, while you’re still alive.~

Message From the Universe: Be Careful What You Wish For

Many do not understand the real meaning of success and feel like money is what our overall society perceive as being successful. Many wishes for money to come but yet wouldn’t able to handle the responsibilities that comes with success. They wish and wish for it and when it comes, they panic not knowing what to do with this new fame and fortune. Being surrounded with people you trust is crucial and having a good team of smart adviser is pinnacle to keep yourself on top. Be smart and keep your wishful thinking. You do not know what tomorrow brings.

Message From the Universe: Be Guided by the Traffic Lights of Your Life

Just like there are guardian angels that most believe in, there are also signs in your life that guides you to doing the right things. It is important to listen to your inner voice and follow its advice. Do not worry about what you should or not do. Feel like everything that needed to be done will benefit you in the long run. Your inner voice will never misguide you like the traditional advice of friends and family. Believe in yourself.

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