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Relationships: Does Someone Just Need To Stay Positive If They Attract The Wrong People?

While the ideal will be for one to end up with someone who they get on with, it doesn’t mean that this is what takes place. Instead, one could have the tendency to end up with people who are not right for them.

Imaging And Personal Power

The ultimate personal power is imaging your goal at a deep mental level, and letting the power loose. Other than that, all else is just spinning “your physical wheels”.

Message From the Universe: Expect Massive Positive Changes Coming Soon

The power of your thoughts can change the world. Putting these thoughts into action can change the Universe. Many have the dreams of becoming successful, but just a few are willing to put in the effort and hard work to make it happen. Be one of the few who brings your dreams to reality.Never fear anything, as the greatest things occurs on the other side of safety. God has a way to bring the best out of people on the side of fear.

The Value of Contrast

What is contrast? You can’t know what you do want unless you know what you don’t want. Although it doesn’t feel good, contrast is actually a good thing…

Message From the Universe: Getting What You Deserve

You have worked so hard for so long, it is time for you to reap the fruit of your labor. Yes, you deserve everything that is great and abundant as you put in so much work and energy in everything you do. Congrats to you my friend, the time has come for you to enjoy your life.

The Inner And Outer Worlds Of People

Some people are driven from within, and other people are pushed from without, too many others. The people really, that are driven from within are usually the winners, while those motivated purely by outer things are usually the losers. Sure, luck, fortune and all of that may figure into the variance in results, do not get me wrong, but those driven from within have the automatic advantage.

Message From the Universe: Charismatic at Its Best

Being charismatic will attract people to you as you make them feel good and confident. Not many have this kind of gift from within and if you do have it, you need to feel blessed. Charisma will bring you very far in life, but too much of this power can’t be good either. You can’t be using it to solely benefit you as it will come and bite you in the butt. Doing too much of one thing can also because fake and others may capture your ulterior motive and separate themselves to you. Use it (charisma) sporadically to maximize its effect.

You Are The Decision Maker For Your Life

You know, we can have the most enlightened beliefs about life and how life works but they can remain pretty much theoretical until we have an opportunity to practice our beliefs. [YAY Contrast?] For example, I have for many years been aware of the power of choice. I have reminded myself on a daily basis that I get to choose.

Message From the Universe: When Setbacks Are Just Temporary

When you think that bad times will be lurking on you for a while, guess what? They will. However, if you think they are just there to kick you in the right direction, you are also correct. You need to simply keep your eyes open to the bigger picture. Do not fret the small details, and work towards making things work for yourself. This is how things progress.

Message From the Universe: Finding the Right Support

You will attract the type of people that will correspond to your mood and attitude. If you have a nasty attitude, you will tend to attract nasty people. Why be surprised right? Most people who are good and decent wouldn’t waste their time with nasty people with vindictive personalities. So if you want to make a change in your life, start by changing your attitude about life. You will notice a huge difference.

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